Wande – ‘EXIT’ – Is It Good?

Wande was first introduced to me on “BAND$ (feat. Byron Juane)”, and even then I recognized the potential she had as an artist. When a fan described EXIT, her debut album, as a “self-care” project, she agreed. Elaborating further, she stated that it’s “really accurate” and you should “listen to it when you want to truly face the person you see in the mirror and begin to be the best version of you.” Because of this, I had high hopes going into this album, and after many listens I’m here to answer, Is It Good?

The album opens up with “Be Yourself”, an incredible intro that does a perfect job at setting up the album. Featured artists never make WANDE feel as if she’s getting overshadowed, and although most of the songs have a trap instrumental, none of them feel repetitive, largely due to Wande’s varying flows and unique beat selection. The most notable instance of this being “ICONIC”, the albums fifth track, which features three beat switches. Despite having amazing production value, Wande isn’t afraid to shy away from her Christian belief. For example, “Nice Things (feat. Taylor Hill)”, has Wande stating that earthly materialistic won’t be enough to fulfill what she lacks spiritually and that only God’s love will be able too. Even though Taylor Hill does at times sound like a carbon copy of 1k Phew, it’s still a great song with an even greater message.

As I said earlier, the instrumentals on this project are very trap. Heavy bass, triple hi-hats, and loud kicks are just of few of the many different instruments featured in this albums beat selection. So when the album completely shifts its tone on the last two tracks, it can be a bit confusing. Though the final two tracks aren’t bad, they just feel incredibly out of place. 

So, Is It Good? Yes. Overall, Wande’s debut album is truly impressive. Despite its short runtime, the album’s wonderfully constructed beats and harmonizing vocals allow Wande to shine by showing how versatile she is. Wande has set a new standard for Christian rap, and this alone earns her a spot as one of the faces of Christian Hip-Hop.

Rate: 8.5/10

Standout Tracks: Be Yourself, Been Up (feat. WHATUPRG & nobigdyl), HAPPY, ICONIC,  A Million Ways (feat. Stevie Rizo), More to Me

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